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    Lehtinen Legal Oy is an open-minded law office, specializing on contracts and copyright issues for the creative industries.

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    Contract consultation and negotiation assistance that respects tradition, but gets excited about new developments.

    -First-class copyright know-how.

    -Lectures based on solid practical knowledge and experience.

    -Inspiring and comprehensible knowledge materials.

    -Expert services for those who blaze the trails others follow!


    Lehtinen Legal’s clients include:


    Silberfeldt Oy

    Diktaattori Oy

    Kultakuume Oy

  • Reading

    The Artist pays… and Smiles


    Are the royalty clauses of your recording contract unconscionable? What does the law say about it? Lottaliina Lehtinen has researched this issue extensively and collected her findings in a book! (in Finnish)


    Lottaliina Lehtinen: Artisti maksaa kiltisti. Levytyssopimusten rojaltiehdot ja kohtuullisuus Suomen ja Saksan tekijänoikeuslainsäädäntöjen valossa. (The Artist Pays… and Smiles. Royalty clauses and equitability in light of Finnish and German copyright legislation.)


    A Musician’s Guide to Contracts


    Performance contract, recording contract, master licensing contract, publishing contract, managerial contract… In addition to perceptive and accurate information on these contracts, this popular guide, written in Finnish, includes personal experiences in contractual matters from a number of top Finnish professionals in the field of music: session drummer extraordinaire Sami Kuoppamäki, world-famous singer Michael Monroe (ex-Hanoi Rocks), classical violin player Minna Pensola

    (Meta4), heavy cellist Eicca Toppinen (Apocalyptica) and singer and actress Reeta Vestman (ex- Husky Rescue)!


    Lottaliina Lehtinen: Muusikon Sopimusopas (A Musician’s Guide to Contracts)


    The Artist’s Advocate


    Who’s liable when a drumstick hits an audience member on the head? Do artists get to call in sick? Top artists ask the questions and an expert answers! Lottaliina Lehtinen writes a column called Artistin asialla (The Artist’s Advocate) for Rytmi, Finland’s oldest music magazine.

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